Thursday, February 10, 2011

Everyone is asking: Is the New Mexico Workforce Connection the Unemployment office or the Department of Labor?

Welcome Everyone!

First things first-

The New Mexico Workforce Connection IS NOT the unemployment office nor the Department of Labor.

Whew!  Now that we have established that....What do we do?

Our facility is the RE Employment office.  We can help with resources to help job seekers find employment leads, write a power resume, enhance interviewing skills, career coach and much more.

We also help employers connect to many qualified individuals by allowing them to have access to our resume data bank along with many other employer services.
Employment is a great thing....and we want to help get you there!

Now back to Unemployment info-------

If you are looking for Unemployment, either to file a claim or to inquire about existing claims, or certify weekly, contact the Unemployment call center at:

1-877-664-6984  (keep trying.  We know it can take a while, but keep calling)

Or better yet if ....go online at

Department of Workforce Solutions (unemployment office)  information can be accessed by visiting

Remember, unemployment is there to help while you search for employment so Let us help you find your next career!

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  1. Thanks for the CAN be somewhat confusing....Excellent!